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1. FreakOfLove - DA Page
2. XMireille-chanX - Custom box background

:iconxoxokymmi: - Reserved spot

these people have been missing in action, aka I haven't gotten a reply in a while..
:iconsellesion: - DA Page - awaiting approval
:iconkalmanen: - Image template (experiment) - awaiting approval

If you have an IOU, that means you bought or got something from me and haven't used it. you will have this thing till you use it or till I dissapear from DA xD

:iconraineseryn: - DA Page x3
:icongnarlyrockerchick: - DA Page
:iconjustifi-cation: - DA Page
:iconlapaa: - DA Page
:icontinyfurrtails: - DA Page
:iconkuronetsuki: - simpler js
:iconkaiyasha-amaterasu: - Simple js
:iconmousu: - DA page

My buddies

:iconraineseryn: :iconlapaa: :iconjustifi-cation: :iconreveia: :iconilantiis: :iconotami-san: :iconmelliex: :iconkurripan: :iconikr: :icondesiree-u:


Commission Status


Open (note me!)



Graphics (DO NOT BUY!)
Blue Pearl Graphics' Logo by Maiyunbby
Kalmanen Template by Maiyunbby
Range is from 300:points: or $3 to 1000:points: or $10
DA Page!
C: Ritsuka-Chou journal skin! by Maiyunbby
C: DA Page for raine seryn (Bubble) by Maiyunbby
Samira-Eos DA Page! by Maiyunbby
COM: Raine Seryn DA Page by Maiyunbby
It is essentially a custom box and a custom journal skin commission in one option. If you're looking to trick out your profile and want it to match, this is your best bet.
Simple Journal skin
Thecaptainrei Simple journal skin by Maiyunbby
Tinyzombeh Simple journalskin by Maiyunbby
DovieCaba Simple journal skin by Maiyunbby
These journal skins are all set up oughly the same so that it makes it very easy to code. However, I do my best to make the look of the skin as unique as possible.
Custom journal skin
My new journal skin! by Maiyunbby
Cici88 custom journal skin by Maiyunbby
Chiel valentines journal skin by Maiyunbby
This is a journal skin that is 100% unique in layout. The buttons can go wherever you want if you so desire. The image can be placed wherever you want. You can even request custom image links!
Custom box graphics!
Custom Box example by Maiyunbby
Samira-Eos DA Page! by Maiyunbby
Background, banners, buttons, links, lists, ect. Anything you can think of to decorate a custom box, you can commission.
Digital Illustration
Product illustration - 3DS by Maiyunbby
I'll take ANY photograph you have permission to use, and turn it into an illustration made from vectors! Able to be moved easily over the internet and scaled as needed. (the price is rather high because I am very detailed and precise about everything)


Q. What is a DA Page?
A. A DA page is what I like to call the mash of a journal skin and custom box. ^^" It's essentially a combo pack thing so that your custom boxes match your journal skin! :3

Q. $1 does not equal 100 :points: it's supposed to be 80 :points:
A. Unfortunately for you, the premium content sellers and commission panels tell you that $1 is 100 :points:. If you do not like this, please take your business elsewhere.

Q. Will you take requests?
A. I do not take requests. Not unless I am asking for them. So please do not bother me about them, alright?

Q. Do you do art trades?
A. Yes! I love to! But I'm sadly VERY picky when it comes to the art I like. So if I end up rejecting your offer, please do not let it get to you. My tastes are just very specific and I honestly don't like very many artists.

Q. How do you do art trades?
A. It's just like art trades normally! I just offer graphics and illustrations instead of art. I normally match it up to the price you charge for whatever you're gonna draw me. I've done this several times with friends and it has worked out very well in my opinion. I make sure my work is done in a timely manner. either before or shortly after the other side of the work has been done.

Q. How many years of experience with code and design do you have?
A. I've been playing with both for around 7-8 years now. But it's all self taught and it's been on and off so I'm not as polished as some others might be. I've only been playing with it here and there. I've never been able to make code up on my own unless just straight copying it from something but all code does end up being the same technically xD Anyway. I've been playing with photoshop around almost 9 years now. I used to roleplay on myspace back when that was cool and I would edit pictures for my characters (since i was a poor little kid back then i couldn't commission ;~; ) so I got pretty good with it. That's also when i learned to play with code ^^

Q. I don't have many points, will you lower the price for me?/Will you make me a journal skin for free?
A. Nope. I work hard on everything that I make, weather you think so or not. I have many people who are willing to spend money or points to commission me, and like them you can save up till you can afford it.

Q. How old are you? Are you in a relationship?
A. I am currently 22. My birthday is april 8th, 1992. I'm an aries! xD I am indeed in a relationship. I have been for almost 6 years now and I couldn't be happier. My boyfriend and I do plan to get married and everything but the both of us are intent on preparing ourselves for the future before we decide to tie the knot. I certainly know that he could propose before hand, but I don't care either way. We both know that we've been in this for so long it's basically like we're married already. xD


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